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Summary0000077: Update the mirror walkthrough documents.
DescriptionNot really part of the script, but it's related, and I don't (yet) have a mirror herder project, also I keep forgetting to do it. lol

Bring my own mirror document up to date. That's the high priority one.

Maybe merge some info from that into the official walkthrough.
Additional InformationShould fold in as well. Pointed to it at least.
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parent of 0000449 assignedonefang More updates for the mirror walkthrough text. 
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2020-11-19 01:42

administrator   ~0000289

Álvaro López García <> :

We managed to setup the proper rules in nginx, I think that there is one mistake in line 167 and 175 (probably in other places) of [1], as the rewrite rule is missing an additional "devuan" on the target, i.e.:

      rewrite /merged/pool/DEVUAN/(.*) /devuan/devuan/pool/$1;....


2022-07-21 18:14

administrator   ~0000577

Last edited: 2023-02-07 04:45

Come up with a more robust update scheme.

rsync add all the new .deb files.
rsync update all the metadata files.
rsync delete old .deb files.

Only there's some more nitty gritty devil in the details in the middle of that which should be tweaked for even more robustness. Especially for the metadata.

Apparently ftpsync does that, and is used by Debian mirrors.


2022-07-21 18:15

administrator   ~0000578

Last edited: 2022-07-22 07:01

The original walkthrough suggested to use rsync compression. Most of the files are compressed already anyway. At least I think .debs are. Those that are not, might not be worth it compressing them for rsync.

.debs are compressed.

Needs to be benchmarked.

Ah rsync -z has a --skip-compress=LIST option, which by default includes the file extensions .deb, .gz, .iso, and .xz, along with plenty of others. So -z works fine.

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