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0000521apt-panopticonBugpublic2024-05-16 00:49
Reporteronefang Assigned Toonefang  
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Summary0000521: sledjhamr and veritas often disagree about that Indian mirror being down.
DescriptionThough they both show 0% up in the weekly stats.

That mirror is currently down, it's being moved.
Additional InformationTimeout issues?
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2024-04-09 07:44

administrator   ~0000641

Think it's a difference between curl versions. SledjHamr is an older version, but will be upgraded soon. Then I have to screw with the timeout code so it shows TIMEOUT properly, instead of OK.


2024-05-16 00:48

administrator   ~0000648

The move is finished now, so should be no more differences.

Still want to keep an eye on this though.

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