0000168: [Bug] The good/bad DNS RR code is putting IPv6 addresses into good when the server doesn't support IPv6. (onefang)
0000140: [TODO] Get the PHP graphing stuff working under CGI. (onefang)
0000138: [Bug] I should check if the hard coded packages are still current. (onefang)
0000050: [TODO] Redirecting /DEVUAN/ back out to deb.devuan.org is a mistake that needs to be reported. (onefang)
0000053: [TODO] Check if merged/pool/DEBIAN-SECURITY/ should always be redirected to Debian. (onefang)
0000133: [TODO] Make the log messages more understandable. (onefang)
0000136: [TODO] Refactor all the pairs() within pairs() blocks. (onefang)
0000129: [Feature] Weekly reports. (onefang)
0000137: [Feature] Link some of the stuff in the web report to the matching graph in cgp. (onefang)
0000132: [TODO] Add links in the web report to pages describing the tests. (onefang)
0000121: [Feature] Do more with HTTP -> HTTPS redirects, and other HTTPS issues. (onefang)
0000118: [TODO] Make sure the mirrors HTTPS certificate are actually valid. (onefang)
0000059: [Feature] Write metrics files in various formats. (onefang)
0000130: [Feature] The Updated test should use the updating interval, and only raise an error if the mirror has taken too long to update. (onefang)
0000135: [TODO] Add details about the debian mirrors into the web report. (onefang)
0000126: [TODO] Validate mirror_list.txt a bit more. (onefang)
0000127: [Feature] Auto refresh the web page. (onefang)
0000119: [Feature] Time the downloads, and log the times. (onefang)
0000049: [TODO] Implement the URL-sanity test. (onefang)
0000045: [TODO] Implement email and web page outputs. (onefang)
       0000061: [Feature] Add the name of the test to any log messages about that test. (onefang)
0000047: [TODO] Implement the Updated and Integrity tests. (onefang)
0000068: [General] Consider a name change. (onefang)
0000044: [TODO] Use Protocols: from the mirror list to decide what to test. (onefang)
       0000120: [TODO] Even if the mirrors list says something isn't supported, check it anyway. (onefang)
0000060: [Bug] CNAMES are still not being handled correctly. (onefang)
0000056: [TODO] Maybe merge checkHost() and forkIP()? (onefang)
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