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  The Beach

You found me here in need of friendship
Each of us yoked to another yet alone
As the fragrance of the sea clouds our senses
You take my hand and together we walk toward the shore

The sand caressing our toes
As we walk and talk until the moon rises high
The air is now chilled so you build a fire
Its warmth lulls our senses even further

Your hand reaches up to caress my face
As we stand there in each others arms
My breath catches in my throat
As you lift my chin to gaze into my eyes

I see you now as I have seen no other
Completely exposed before me
Your vulnerability Is evident
As you allow me to contemplate your soul

Realizing that our minds are one
We prepare to join our bodies also
Over come with desire for each other
We push aside previous commitments

As the fire consumes its fuel
So our hunger consumes the others essence
And the fire burns it's self to an end
As our affection is consummated in passion

I lie naked in your arms as a new day is born
Night now spent in the rapture of your love
You speak my name as if awaking from a dream
As we realize it is long past time to go

Warm mist from the waves crashing on the rocks
Sea gulls call to me
Warning of the danger beyond
As you and I walk hand in hand back to separate lives

Not the peril of physical harm
Only of anguish as you turn to look upon me
Sorrow in the knowledge of reality
The reality of broken dreams

Dreams of life together always
That we know could never be
And promises made in passion
Words spoken out of lust and love

As we kiss good-bye
We know that we shall never meet again
But we know also that we shall never forget the beach
And the two souls joined there forever

By Diana

Content by DIANA SHELDON copyright 2014.