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Come with me beyond this place,
To somewhere loving and warm.
A place where we can be together
Where the tethers of reality no longer bind us.

Come with me beyond this time,
To a time almost forgotten.
When we were young and had no cares.
When the joys of life were before us.

Take my hand and walk with me.
Through the wheat fields of the farm land,
Or the hustle of lit up city streets.
Hold my hand, don't let go, and follow me.

See the coffee shop across the way?
Sit and talk with me there.
Let’s order a cup of every flavor.
Taste each one and discuss our opinion of each

Look there, just two doors down,
A shop of gifts and flowers.
Daises and roses, larkspur and baby's breath,
Their fragrance mixed into a wondrous medley.

I love flowers, soft glistening petals,
Fragile as feelings or a heart.
Touch my heart, as you would caress a rose.
Cautious and tenderly, careful not to bruise it.

Listen, do you hear the music?
It’s coming from down on the corner, let’s go.
Street musicians playing a slow song.
Throw some money in their guitar case and dance with me.

Escape with me now to a summer's day.
Share your lemonade with me on the porch swing.
Then let's walk down the path to the river.
Take off your shoes and wade with me.

Let the coolness of the water renew your spirit.
Feel the wet earth beneath your feet.
The hem of my dress in now drenched.
In my excitement I failed to keep it from the water.

A summer rain is coming.
Can you smell it in the air?
The sun still shines as the rain falls.
Look there, do you see it? An after shower rainbow.

Evening is upon us now.
Come chase the lightening bugs with me.
Let's put them in a jar with holes punched in the lid,
And see if they are still alive come morning.

Remember the chalk sidewalk drawings,
Painted by the chimney sweep in "Mary Poppins"?
The country fair the city streets?
Come, jump into one with me and let's escape.

By Diana

Content by DIANA SHELDON copyright 2014.