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  Children and Butterflies

Life continues day by day,
With laughter and sorrow along the way.
A child smiles as I pass by.
Joyful about life...I wonder why.
Perhaps because of a flower given,
Or maybe a toy that wouldn’t stay hidden.
Or even a hug or a kiss...
Perhaps a butterfly in childhood bliss.

A child is older now,
Grown up and changed somehow.
They no longer smile,
Trapped In life’s hard trials.
Perhaps because of a love not shown,
Or maybe a dream yet unknown.
Or even a purpose or a reason,
Perhaps a butterfly out of season.

As a child matures and ages,
They are confined to larger cages.
A child finally begins to cry,
As I imagine reasons why.
Perhaps because when a child should,
She passes into womanhood.
Or even one fine special day,
Perhaps a butterfly that flies away.

By Diana

Content by DIANA SHELDON copyright 2014.