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I’m sitting here again
Warming my usual seat
Drinking my poison of choice
smoking my usual menthol

There’s a crowd here tonight
Compared to weeks before
Rusty David and little Ernie
And don’t forget the eight ball crowd

Someone's singing Patsy Cline
Crazy for thinking my love could hold you
We applaud when she’s finished
She thanks us and returns to her seat

They’re playing pool in the back room
The room you once asked me if existed
Where the back door is
Do you remember

The neon signs on the walls
Add to the atmosphere
Of smoke and beer and friends
Hauntingly reminding me of your absence

I still think about you when I’m here
I see you standing there while I sing
Every time the door opens
I turn to see if It’s you

Hoping with all my heart
That this time it will be
That you’ll walk over and take my hand
And ask me to dance with you

As we step onto the dance floor
You pull me close to you
Holding me In your arms
As If you'll never let me go

It matters not the song we dance to
All I feel or smell is you
As I lay my head upon your shoulder
And you pull me tighter to you

The song ends and you place a finger under my chin
Lifting my face to meet your eyes
Your hand drops to my neck
As our lips meet for the first time

By this time another song has started
There we stand still kissing
Lost In each others yearning arms
Can you feel the passion

Then I realize that you never walked
Through that door and into my arms
And now the night is over
And I go home once again alone

But I’ll always return
Hoping to find you there one day
Sneaking in out of the back room
And then at last we’ll dance

                       And kiss

                                    And Love

By Diana

Content by DIANA SHELDON copyright 2014.