An absurd AustrAlien alliterated affair.


Aliens arrive adjacent Adelaide apothecary, abducting Andy Anderson, an appealing Asian apprentice alchemist.

Australian authorities announce amber alert about Andy Anderson.

Aerial armament aggressively ablates advanced alien aircraft armour.

Aliens abscond "ABORT! ABORT!", accelerating away. Abandoning Andy Anderson, afraid, alone, above Adelaide.

All applaud accurate aiming Australian airmen.

Australian Alien Affair alliterated articles adorn airwaves.


        Astonishing Australian Alien Adventures AU$42

Artful alliterations are always amusingly awesome.

Alternatively, artificially awful alliterations are annoying and attract angry adults.

Alarmingly, alliteration aficionados agree absolutely.

Alas alliteration addicted aardvarks argue admonishingly.

Appalling altercations abound about allegedly abused adjectives and adverb atrocities.

Alliteration Apocalypse!

Alice abruptly accuses "All alliterationistas are Anarchists!"

Ariel appreciates alliterations approvingly.

Albert, abandoning apathy, asserts "Anti-alliteration apologists abhor absolutism."

Ancient Abigail adjudicates attentively, assuring "adhoc arbitrariness".

All arise! Attorneys argue. Audience aghast.

Alice appeals abjectly.

Aliens arrested and apologize, adorable Andy Anderson accepts apology.

Adversaries accept arrangement.

Australian Alien Alliteration Apocalypse averted!


After analysis, Anna awards ARTICLE A an "A+".


Author admits - am awfully annoying alliterating arsehole.

CSS by Taylor Temper, photo by onefang rejected.   Alliteration by David Seikel copyright 2020.