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Summary0000437: Think of a name.
DescriptionThe three hardest problems in programming are naming things and off by one errors.
Additional InformationJust had an idea of the starting characters are a family of koalas living in a eucalyptus tree, stoned on the leaves as koalas are. One of them accidentally eats a marijuana flower growing nearby, gets really high, and has a vision of expanding their family to fill the galaxy / universe.


Goal of the game is to create a galactic civilization of laid back, mellow, happy races that is at peace and sustainable.
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2022-08-03 08:36

administrator   ~0000580

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Note (this is actually real BTW) that scientists found out what happens when koalas are not stoned on their eucalyptus leaves, by feeding them a diet of other things. They become very aggressive, and they have their big tree climbing claws to do a lot of damage.

So our growing civilization of stoned koalas can have an army of drop bears when they need it. B-)

Drop bears in drop ships. Muahahaha!


2022-08-20 22:21

administrator   ~0000582

Looks like koalas have two opposable thumbs on each hand?


2022-09-24 16:43

administrator   ~0000584

We have to have bonobo sapiens.


2022-09-24 16:44

administrator   ~0000585

Maybe the Ant-tastic civilization as well?

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