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0000362opensim-SCBugpublic2021-10-13 17:38
Reporteronefang Assigned Toonefang  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.1.1 
Target Version0.9.1.1Fixed in Version0.9.1.1 
Summary0000362: GITAR system is broken.
DescriptionThe move from name_gitOAR.tar.xz to name-gitOAR.tar.xz screwed things over. Same with move to sim tab names.

For a start, it's not finding the original _ names, so it's creating new ones.

Renaming them didn't work for those with more than one word in the name.

The internal folder name is still _ and not sim tab name.

The old oar files are left inside, not sure if they had been merged.

THEN after it got confuse, it deleted everything. OUCH!
Additional InformationTODO - should collect names of existing backups, both tmux / ini name and proper name.
Scan backups directory once before this for loop, add details to sims list.
  strip off the last bit of file name (YYYY-mm-dd_HH:MM:SS.oar) to get the name
    keep in mind some old files had munged names like "Tiffanie_s_Paradise-2021-06-23_05:11:38.oar"

Something similar for members, some of them have munged names.
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