Welcome to the SledjHamr.org web site.

There are a number of things hosted on this server.

Some poetry by my girlfriend, and and some word mangling by me.

My open source source code is here and my issue tracker.

I host a full ISO mirror and package mirror of the Devuan Linux distribution.   I also host an instance of my Devuan package mirror tester.

My SledjHamr project is a rewrite from scratch of Second Life (SL) / OpenSim (OS) style 3D online virtual world client / server.

If you want to chat with onefang, you can use this web chat thing called Candy, or access it via Jabber / XMPP at chat@chat.SledjHamr.org (Pidgin is popular software for this, I use Psi+, Gmail and Google Hangouts can access it to, probably other things). Standards are cool, the world should use more of them. More details are here.

The original purpose of this server was to host a private little virtual world for our friends. Since it's private, by invitation only, there will be no link to it from here.

Activism.isok.info was to be my experiments at creating useful tools for activists. Currently everything is disabled, coz no one is interested.

Gabba-Ward.pleasecome.in is just a park for the domain name, until that project is ready to go live on it's own server. Though for the moment it's being re-used as a test Hubzilla server, coz Hubzilla insists on being in the root of the web server. There can be only one, but every one wants to be it. Pffft

I'd like to add an OpenStreetMap tile server, but not for the entire planet, I'd need an extra 24 GB of RAM and an extra 512 GB SSD, not cheap. Probably just for my own city to start with, maybe the country later.

I'd like to add a Tor node soonish, though perhaps not an exit node, as well as onion addresses.

The SledjHamr.org domain name is supplied by namecheap

The rest of these domain names are supplied for free by -

Free DNS provides easy shared DNS hosting & URL forwarding.

The server is supplied by Yisp.nl