Welcome to the SledjHamr.org web site.

There are a number of things hosted on this server.

The original purpose of this server was to host a private little virtual world for our friends. Since it's private, by invitation only, there will be no link to it from here.

Activism.isok.info will be my experiments at creating useful tools for activists.

For the Anti-Poverty Network SEQ, I was putting up some demonstrations of alternatives to Slack, Facebook, and Google docs, which they went with anyway.

I experimented with a full Bitcoin node, that will likely return sooner or later.

I host a full ISO mirror of the Devuan Linux distribution, (a package mirror is coming soon).   It's not yet listed on the official pages, though it is listed on this unofficial status page.

Gabba-Ward.pleasecome.in is just a park for the domain name, until that project is ready to go live on it's own server. Though for the moment it's being re-used as a test Hubzilla server, coz Hubzilla insists on being in the root of the web server. There can be only one, but every one wants to be it. Pffft

My SledjHamr project is a rewrite from scratch of Second Life (SL) / OpenSim (OS) style 3D online virtual world client / server.

I'd like to add a Tor node soonish, though perhaps not an exit node, as well as onion addresses.

The SledjHamr.org domain name is supplied by ANONYMOUS SPEECH

The rest of these domain names are supplied for free by -

Free DNS provides easy shared DNS hosting & URL forwarding.

The server is supplied by Yisp.nl